Viewing Chinese Text
Your computer must be able to display Chinese text for you to read the Chinese version of the Trendwaves articles. If you do not have the software to display Chinese text, here are some sites you can download the software. Please remember to select "GB2312" or "Simplified Chinese" to read The articles.
PC users
PC users may download any of the following Chinese software to view Chinese:
  • RichWin
  • AsianBridge
  • IE 5.0 users
    IE5 comes with a Multi-Language Support function, that enables you to view common languages/font types found on the web. To make sure you have installed the necessary languages, you should install IE5 using "Customised Installation" instead of "Typical Installation".

    To facilitate viewing, you can set your browser to automatically determine the appropriate language encoding to use by:

    1. From the "View" menu, go to "Encoding"
    2. Select "Autoselect" (there should be a Check mark beside this feature when it is selected.)

    If you are prompted to download language support components, click "Download".

    If "Auto-Select" feature cannot determine the correct language encoding, and you know what language encoding it should be, you can manually select it:

    1. From the "View" menu, select "Encoding"
    2. Point to "More"
    3. Click the appropriate language. (there should be a Bullet mark beside this feature when it is selected.)

    Also, note that having a particular language pack does not ensure your computer will have a font that can display Web pages of that language. To be prompted when fonts need to be added:

    1. From the "Tools" menu
    2. Click "Internet Options"
    3. Go to "Advanced" tab
    4. Select "Enable Install On Demand" check box. | Contact Us